Valentine’s day: Avocado and Salmon Hearts


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Cupidos arrows remorselessly rebound. The winter chives are to weak for piercing the heart of my adored love. I have accepted, that she does not read my blog and often disdains my food experiments. However, she tried from both hearts. That means to me that the starter succeeded. The red heart is graved salmon with dill. The green heart are avocado cubes with tomatoes and chervil. The drops of blood from ketchup as in the theatre. Simple and relatively quickly. My contribution to the Roundup of Valentine’s day in the cooking pot. see recipe

Quantities for two metal heart forms of 8cm, measured from the tip to bend. A starter for2. Eat from the same plate.A heart for your Valentine

Avocado heart:
1 ripe, but not discoloured avocado
50 ml strong vegetable broth
1 sheet of gelatin
1 bunch of chervil and some parsley
Salt, pepper
Juice of half a lemon, a little lemon abrasion
3 tomatoes
a few rosemary needles
Olive oil

Salmon heart:
200 g Graved salmon (or mild smoked salmon)
1 bunch of dill


(1) Skin the tomatoes, cut in quarters, remove cores and jelly, dry with kitchen paper, put the tomatoes on a baking tray, add a little olive oil, salt and rosemary needles and let dry in the oven for 1 hour at 95 ° C (circulation). Cut in 1cm cubes.
(2) Let gelatin soak in ice water, squeeze out and dissolve in the hot vegetable broth.
(3) Peel avocado, separate from the stone and cut in 1cm cubes, mix with the lemon juice and the cooled gelatin broth mix. Season with salt, pepper, lemon abrasion and a lot of the herbs then add the tomato cubes.
(4) Cool the mass down in the fridge, when it starts to thicken, fill and press on into the first heart, placed on a dish. Sprinkle with herbs, then put the dish in the fridge. Carefully remove the metal heart after one hour.
(5) Cut salmon into 1cm cubes, mix with finely chopped dill. Grease the inner part of a second metal heart with oil and fill in the salmon. Press on and remove the metal heart.

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  1. Bravo! Beautiful, both the recipes and your prose (as much as I can tell from the English translation). It’s as if Severin were cooking for Wanda!

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