Banana Gremolata Terrine (TGRWT #2)

Banana Gremolata Terrine finishedThey go really well together food blogging event (TGRWT) is all about flavour pairing, that is combining ingredients and flavours that wouldn’t usually be put together and seeing how it turns out. Ingredients to pair this time are BANANA & PARSLEY. For the second event (TGRWT #2), hosted by Tara of Should You Eat That, I present a terrine, filled with Basmati-rice together with italian Gremolata, which is here a mixture of finely chopped parsley and lemon peel (without garlic). And as the core of the terrine: banana. Zusammenfassung in Deutsch siehe Schluss. for the recipe:

200 g Basmati Rice
5 dl water
1 Teaspoon salt
25 g Parsley leaves, freshly and finely chopped
1/2 lemon peel, finely grated
1-2 Bananas

For the rice:
Place the rice in a saute pan, add the water, heat and boil for 5 mins. Thereafter reduce temperature and allow swelling at low heat for additional 13 Minutes. Add parsley and lemon peel.

For the terrine:
Transfer half of the rice into a pate terrine mold of about 750 ml, which has been lined with transparent foil (e.g. Glad). Then put the banana in slices of about 3 cm (depending on the curvature of the banana) place them piece by piece in the warm rice. Banana Gremolata Terrine fillingAt least cover all with the remaining rice. Put the mold in the fridge for about 2 hours, then remove the terrine from the mold and cut in slices with an electric knife. I had the intention to place it on a microwave-resistant dish and warm it gently in the microwave oven for a short time, but the thermometer outside approached summer, so we decided to eat the terrine in the cold state, like a rice-salad.

My impression is, that both flavours fit quite well together. However, in my recipe the banana was rather alone and lost in the center of the terrine. When cooking the terrine again, I would try to get both flavours more distributed: e.g. to add the banana in small cubes to the rice, or to make a banana puree and to stratify alternating layers of banana and rice. Anyway, we preferred yesterday our summery rice-salad. Without Banana.

In TGRWT #2 werden erneut zwei Aromenpaare auf ihre Verträglichkeit geprüft: Petersilie und Banane sollen zu einem Gericht verarbeitet werden. In meinem Rezept habe ich Klebreis gekocht, mit Gremolata (einer fein gehackten Mischung aus Petersilie und Zitronenabrieb) gemischt und mit einer Banane in eine Terrinnenform gepackt. Nach dem Aufschneiden wollte ich die Scheiben in der Mikrowelle anwärmen, es war aber draussen so heiss, dass wir sie gleich kalt gegessen haben. Urteil: nicht schlecht, Petersilie und Banane scheinen sich zu mögen, ich hätte aber die Banane klein schneiden und in der ganzen Terrine verteilen sollen. Jedenfalls hat uns der Sommerliche Reissalat von gestern viel besser geschmeckt. Ohne Banane.

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  1. Gewöhnungsbedürftig…nicht so mein Fall, ziehe auch den Reissalat vor.
    Bin nicht so ein Freund von diesen Kombinationen Paprika – Himbeer etc.

  2. @lillywersonst: Danke, es hat aber noch interessantere (bessere) Beiträge im event stehen als meinen, wenn Du was mit Bananen und Petersilie nachkochen willst.

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