weekend-cat-blogging #112

Curtain cats

Marching on together !

Embroideries on curtains in our weekend-house, made in a stitching technique originating from the lower Engadin in Switzerland. Handmade by my wife.

This weekend cat blogging is hosted by Puddy and Kate at A Byootaful Life.

4 Kommentare zu „weekend-cat-blogging #112“

  1. Those cats are adorable! Thanks for taking part in WCB this weekend, I’ve added your link! (As you can see 😛 )

  2. Your wife is a real artist (Is she from Grischun? My boyfriend comes from Graubünden…)! I love those curtains!



  3. @Rosa: no, my wife is not from there. We have seen such curtains in a farmers house in S-charl. My wife made a little drawing of it. Then we had to find the reticule-woven curtains (found in Scuol). Weaving the cats is then very easy. Without any skills in embroidery.

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