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Focaccia is deeply rooted in the Ligurian culinary Tradition. A less-known gem stone among the pizze and focacce is that from the small town of Recco on the Riviera di Levante. It consists of two very thin layers of dough, the layer in between is Stracchino-cheese, some also have other varieties of locally produced cheese added. Originally it is prepared from a non-yeast dough, however, I prefer to make them with my original Naples pizza dough, because it is much crunchier. Anyone who would like the original, find the recipe here. My entry for Bread Baking Day #21: Pizza Party.

hier anklicken für die deutsche Version

für 2 covered pizze:
200 ml mineral water (Evian still)
300 g white flour Typ 405 + 60 g Weichweizendunst
10 g sea salt
1 g bakers fresh yeast

für den Belag:
250 g Stracchinocheese (or Crescenza), ein withe, soft, withe, cream-cheese without peel
Salt, Pepper
one branch of basilic (does not belong to the original) or some crumbled Gorgonzola cheese.

Focaccia al formaggio 1_2009 06 20_0856
Belegt mit Stracchino
Focaccia al formaggio 2_2009 06 20_0863
Gebacken und geschnitten

(1) Dissolve the yeast in the mixing bowl, add salt and 10% of the flour. Start kneading machine and add the remaining flour slowly during a time period of 10 minutes until you reach the desired consistency.  After that proceed with kneading for a further 20 minutes at low speed until you reach a compact mass that is not sticky and feels soft and elastic.
(2) cover the dough on the work surface with a damp cloth for 2 hours at room temperature (24 ° C in my kitchen).
(3) After 2 hours hand shape 2 small balls of approx. 260 g, put each ball in a plastic box, cover with a damp cloth, and store them at room temperature for further 4-6 hours. Then the individual balls can be used for the next 6 hours for the pizza preparation.
(4) Thereafter divide each ball in two parts and form four pieces of pizza with the aid of a  rolling pin as thin as possible, all of about the same size. Distribute the Stracchino-cheese on two of the pizzas , salt and pepper, and add a few basil leaves. Cover them with the remaining two pizzas, press the edges well.
(5) Baking: 10 minutes at 250 ° C on pizza stones. Serve with a thread of olive oil.

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