weekend-cat-blogging #116

Blacky on stage Big

Blacky on stage

Blacky in my Home Opera House. He is looking what’s going on on the stage. The singers look a little bit confused. Guess, which Opera Performance he does attend ?

Ahriman and Port at Belly-Timber are hosting this weeks WCB #116

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  1. I guess its Rossini`s „Wilhelm Tell“, altough I don`t remember the black kitten.

  2. Pardon me, I´m not into hunting&shooting.
    May it´s Webers „Freischütz“ or Lorzings“Wildschütz“.

  3. Hi Duni, wow, direct hit ! Freischütz. A tricky question because the background of the stage does not fit to the personnel. (I forgot to what opera it belongs). I bought this theatre on re-printed paper-sheets in Nürnberg and the construction was my first and last handicraft. On the stage Samiel (with the overcoat), Max and Kaspar (with the guns) and Agathe.

  4. Blacky knows the best spot on stage: Downstage Center! (Cue the spotlight!)

    My computer was out of sorts all week, but I’m back online now and I’ve written a rather silly epic adventure for a WCB round-up. Very late, but at least not later than this weekend’s event!

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