TGRWT #7: Cauliflower terrine with cocoa

They go really well together food blogging event (TGRWT) is all about flavour pairing, that is combining ingredients and flavours that wouldn’t usually be put together and seeing how it turns out. Ingredients to pair this time are: cauliflower & cocoa. The seventh event (TGRWT #7) is hosted by Papin at flavor alchemy. My contribution is roasted cauliflower embedded by chocolate-royale made from dark, unsweetened chocolate, cream and eggs. Cauliflower and cacao: In my opinion a difficult combination. They go well together, but I found neither synergy nor contrast between the both components in my dish. Recipe

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500 g cauliflower
40 g dark chocolate 99% cocoa (Lindt&Sprüngli, practically sugar-free)
2 dl cream 25% fat
1 egg (60g)
Cayenne-pepper, salt

(1) Pick cauliflower to small pieces. Blanch the flowers in boiling, salted water for 1 minute. Then transfer them in ice-water, drain the flowers. Spread them over a baking grid.
(2) Bake in an oven at 200 °C for approx. 30 min (turning the flowers after 15 min). Then remove them from oven.
(3) Line a triangular 450 ml mold with foil and fill in the cauliflower in the mould.
(4) Prepare royale: add the broken, dark chocolate to the cream and moderately heat under stirring until chocolate has dissolved. Cool, then add the whisked egg, mix, add dashes of salt and cayenne, then pour out the cream in the mold. Close with a cover.
(5) strike mold against the board to remove air bubbles, then place it in a 90°C water bath in an oven for 1 hour (or use a kitchen steamer at 100°C).
(6) Remove from oven. Wait until cooled down, then put mold in the refrigerator for a few hours. Remove the terrine from the mold and cut in slices.

Caramelize cauliflower Dissolve chocolate in the royale
Fill cauliflower into mold Pour out with chocolate-royale

Caramelized cauliflower develops flavours which remind on cocoa/tobacco and therefore fit to the chocolate. However, I found neither synergy nor contrast between the both components. Just chocolate and the cauliflower. Maybe that the chocolate was a little bit to dominating. I don’t believe, that chocolate industry will pick up my recipe.

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  1. Love the design of your site. Wish I was fluent in German.

    Thanks for participating on TGRWT #7. The other entries with caramelized cauliflower and cocoa can be found in the round-up.

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