TGRWT #11: Banana-Soufflee with cloves

Banana soufflee
Banana soufflee


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‘They Go Really Well Together‘ is a foodblogging event, where you create a recipe that pairs two (or three) ingredients that are not usually seen together. The theory is that if two ingredients have chemical compounds in common, then they should go well together in a recipe. With the blogging event we get to put the theory in practice. In the eleventh edition the challenge is to combine banana and cloves.
Banana and cloves? Is that possible? The anticipated result: It is, and how! I’m baking a soufflee with banana, flavored with clove and served with lemon sauce.

for 4 servings:
4 Bananas
1-2 Lemons (100 ml juice and peel)
2 whole eggs
30 g butter
60 g sugar
50 grams of powdered sugar
powdered cloves

Eggyolk, Sugar, Banana, Cloves
Eggyolk, Sugar, Banana, Cloves
on top
on top

(1) wash lemons, dry, cut the peel off in thin strips and cut into fine julienne. Squeeze lemons.
(2) dissolve 50-60 grams of sugar in the lemon juice under gentle heating, add julienne of the lemon-peel and cook 5 minutes until they are soft.
(3) rub four moulds for soufflee (diameter 7-8cm) with butter and store them in a cool place.
(4) preheat oven to 220 ° C.
(5) peel two bananas, puree through a sieve (not too fine). 100 grams of flesh is needed. Cut remaining bananas into thin slices and place them in the warm, sweetened lemon juice.
(6) separate egg-white from the yolk. (1 yolk is not needed)
(7) stir 1 egg yolk with 25 grams of powdered sugar to a frothy cream and mix in the banana puree. Spice with a pinch of powdered cloves.
(8 ) Beat the 2 egg-whites with 25 grams of sugar to smooth egg-snow.
(9) lift the egg-snow in portions cautiously under the banana-egg-mass. Immediately fill the mass in the buttered moulds and put them in the oven for about 8 minutes.

garnish dish with banana slices and the lemon julienne, drizzle with the lemon sauce. Place the soufflee and serve sauce separately.

When tasting I would have guessed cinnamon as a spice. Cloves go very well with banana.

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