TGRWT #9: Pear Helene with Parmesan Ice Cream

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The beautiful Helena would not have imagined that I am ever going to combine the famous classic dessert „Poire Belle Hélène„, dedicated to her, with parmesan ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream. Theme of the current TGRWT-event is the combination of Parmesan with chocolate. see recipe

4 servings
for the ice-cream:
150 g Parmigiano reggiano
2.5 dl cream
White pepper

for the pears:
1 pear
1 dl white wine (Sauvignon Blanc)
2 Tsp. of sugar
1 pinch of ascorbic acid

for the chocolate:
100 g dark chocolate 65%
20 g butter
40 ml of cream

(1) Finely grind the parmesan, add the cream and about 15 revolutions of white pepper, then melt the cheese under gentle heating for about 5-10 minutes. When the cheese is melted filter the dispersion through a fine sieve, cool and put at least for 12 hours in the deep freeze cooler.
(2) Cut pear in about 5 mm thick slices, remove core then boil the slices in white wine with sugar and ascorbic acid for about 5 minutes. Transfer one slice on each serving dish and let cool.
(3) Melt chocolate with butter and cream at max. 50°C, the sauce must be served hot.
(4) Portion out a ball of the parmesan-ice-cream, put it on the pear and pour the hot chocolate sauce over dish and ice-cream.

The ice is a quite brittle to form a ball shape.

Whether the combination does succeed or not, depends in my opinion on the ratio of the two components. The more chocolate sauce you pour over the ice, the better the combination tastes. Nevertheless: There will be no second Troy war owing to my dessert.

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